6 Week Chicken Update

Can’t believe the Chicks are 6 weeks old! They look like little chickens now. The journey with them has been quick. A blink of my eye and they are already chickens and 6 weeks have gone by.

Some notable moments since my last post when the chicks were 2 weeks old. Their individual personalities are showing. I have a few chickens that are very attached to me. They will be the first to the front of the brooder box “gate” to get their morning/bedtime pets or scratches. Then there is the rooster that I am 95% sure is one. He is still fairly sweet and friendly to me. Will investigate my hand and occasionally want to “cuddle” with me. Then there is one hen or suspected rooster that is the only one out of the 9 that will aggressively peck at my hand and doesn’t want to have a thing to do with me. If I get rid of the rooster or process him, this hen will have the same fate if she doesn’t knock it off. I am not going to have an aggressive hen.

I had to upgrade their food container. My favorite hen got her head stuck and ended up getting all contorted, luckily I was home to help her. Plus, I was getting tired of cleaning out their pine shavings from their food trough that they were scratching in there. Found an old plastic coffee canister, cut 2 inch diameter holes in it, drilled some holes in the top to hang it by. *Lesson Learned for next time, drill the holes higher so I can put more food into it.* I have noticed that when they get to spend a couple hours outside, it cuts their food consumption down.

I also got tired of constantly changing their water container as well.Which I used a 1 qt water base, with a mason jar on it. I changed this to an old vinegar bottle and drilled some holes to install chicken nipples into. These work well, however I don’t like the fact that when they drink, more than is needed comes out causing water spillage. This isn’t good in the pine shavings which gets soaked and then start to smell bad. So I have a little counter clock-wise raking system going on in their pool. Which then, I add fresh shavings under the water. The chicken nipples might work better in the chicken run, once that gets finished, or I might try out the chicken watering cups.

They have become used to getting treats in the morning when I come out to check on them. Lately, If I don’t bring anything out for them, they are a little loud and protests about their unhappiness, until I leave for the morning. I will usually give them leftovers or fix them something special. Most mornings it has been some sprouts, strawberry tops, old smashed berries, scrambled egg, or a handful or two of mixed salad greens. Occasionally, they will get leftover blueberry pancakes, fruit and yogurt that little “D” didn’t eat, leftover meals that has been in the fridge longer than what I feel comfortable eating (green beans, butternut squash, and chicken breast… shhh they don’t know they are cannibals), Butternut squash leftovers after we scraped out the flesh, left over sweet potato, leftover oatmeal, and whatever else I have laying around. If it has been raining outside all day or if I can’t take them outside then I will grab a handful or two of weeds or dead leaves and throw in their pool brooder.

After 6 weeks they are almost out of their chick starter food, so I am going to go ahead and buy their grower feed, which you can switch over at 8 weeks. I am trying to find someone that carries Cluckin’ Good Organic Herbs from Scratch and Peck, Cluck’n Sea Kelp by Treats for Chickens, and Cluckin’ Good Organic 3-Grain Scratch from Scratch and Peck. I have a little bit before they will need this. Might have to order a few things online.

Oh and just this week they have started losing their “chick” feathers and are getting their adult plumage. I didn’t know that they did this. I just thought that when their started growing their feathers that those were their adult feathers. Showed me differently, I was a little concerned that my Silver Laced Wyandottes (SLW) weren’t looking like the traditional SLW. Oh! The three golden laced wyandottes that I supposedly got from the feed store, are just SLW. They messed up some how. Luckly, they were the same prices. So looks like I will have 6 SLW and 3 Easter Eggers (EE).


Nothing beats a chicken hug. Little “D” was having a rough day and wasn’t wanting any consoling from me. So I asked him if he wants to hug a chicken. This little EE, helped him get out of his slump. 


Don’t mind the 7 month pregnant belly shot. The chicks were enjoying the first sunny day in what felt like forever. 


My favorite hen, she is an EE and starting to get her beard/muffs. I also think she is top hen right now.


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