All About That Compost

In my last post I talked about starting our composting pile. The husband wasn’t too fond of the idea. For various reasons, mainly he felt it would smell, it would get everywhere if not properly confined, it would look trashy, it would take too long, too much work, excuses went on.

Well finally convenience him to start one. We started simple. We had to very old and almost broken down pallets that were laying around that we tied together to form somewhat of confinement area. We put the chickens old brooder bedding in there and mixed some fresh grass clippings and leaves into it. The husband got really into putting stuff in it. We started a kitchen compost bucket too. Put coffee ground, egg shells, banana peels, and any other type of organic matter that the chickens can’t eat into it.

So far it has been about 3 weeks and it is looking nice! We had to even start another pile. Which the husband got some more pallets from work to start a second bin. The first week and up to the second week the pile was heating up nicely. You would dig down to the center and it would steam. We did a full turn on it when we moved it to the new bin so we could start the second pile. Chickens haven’t shown too much interest in it. They will scratch around a little bit but haven’t really gotten into it. I did see them take a “bath” in the fresh grass clippings and old pine shavings when we first laid it down.

So how do compost piles work? Based off of my research it is all about the elements that have access to your pile.

Recipe for compost:

Add Microbes, worms, insects, and fungi

Add Nitrogen (Greens- plant scraps)

Add Carbon (Browns- leaves, woodchips, coffee grounds)

Add aeration (insure it gets good oxygen. Lack of oxygen is the cause for bad smells) Turning the pile once weekly to every other week.

If all of these elements are present, then nature should take over and do the rest. Our second pile we started we only put grass clippings down and it sat for a couple days before I realized we need to add the browns. It started to smell, you know how stinky grass clippings smell if left in the yard waste bin for too long.

So we have at least another month left until we can use our first pile. Excited to see the results!


Setting up the pallets


Added the Greens and Browns together


Fluffy butts hard at work


Added our second bin, and flipped our first pile and about to start adding more stuff to the first bin again.